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Use in the consecration of divinatory tools and add power to scrying tools, all forms of divination, visionary dreams, protection, to open up your third eye and increase psychic powers.

*Pregnant women must never use Mugwort*

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Mugwort – artemisia vulgaris

**PREGNANT WOMEN MUST NEVER USE MUGWORT** as one of its physical aspects is that it is used to stimulate menstruation, balance hormones and ease cramps.

Sacred to the Goddesses Artemis & Diana, it is connected to the planet Venus. This common weed has powerful properties, and is always included in Summer Solstice/Midsummer offering blends.

Mugwort is a visionary herb, and it supports opening and strengthening your psychic abilities. Drink it as a tea or take it as a tincture before divination rituals and meditation.

Sleep with mugwort beneath your pillow to bring prophetic dreams and inner enlightenment. It also aids in a peaceful nights rest, and many enjoy combining it with Lavender to enhance this benefit. You can also smoke the herb before bedtime or drink the calming tea before sleep. It is said to keep you in a conscious dream state longer.

Mugwort protects from all forms of evil. In China it is hung over doors to keep out the spirits of disease. In ancient Europe is was hung for protection. It is tossed into the fireplace to keep a house safe from lightning.

Some smudging blends include mugwort or it is used on its own to clear space, bringing in the added vibration of psychic awareness.

Other fun facts:

  • Roman soldiers placed Mugwort in side their sandals for endurance. Place a few fresh leaves inside your dancing shoes, boots, joggers or sandals to relieve aching feet or sore leg muscles.
  • It was used as a staple in beer before hops was introduced
  • It was often called Sailor’s Tobacco as they used it as an alternative
  • Many continents believed that the Mermaids brought Mugwort and gifted it to the people

I always keep a piece of mugwort in my tarot bag to protect and aid in the decks prophetic abilities.

It is a prolific roadside plant. I enjoy to harvest it during a full moon usually in August before it goes to flower. Be sure to find a place off the beaten path, not on the road side as this beautiful weed will be just coated with toxins from the passing cars.

Use mugwort tea or a few drops of mugwort tincture before doing any divination work or meditation.


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