Cluster ~ Lodolite, Chlorite & Hematite


Spiritual Growth ~ Grounding

Size: 6″ x 2″ x 2.5″

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Lodolite, Chlorite, & Hematite Cluster

This unique cluster features a powerful combination of minerals and inclusions including Lodolite, Chlorite, and Hematite. Please read below to find out more about the specific properties related to each stone.

Lodolite is sometimes referred to as “garden quartz” because its appearance is similar to a miniature garden, with inclusions that resemble plants, flowers, or landscapes.  This is why it is associated with the natural world and can be used for grounding and connecting with the earth. It also offers us a window into another world and aids in the shifting of our consciousness.  Many call Lodolite the “Shaman’s Dream Stone” as it is used often in journey work and travel to other dimensions.  Lodolite can be used to enhance meditation and facilitate communication with higher realms. Its inclusions act as a portal, allowing you to connect with spirit guides, angels, or ancestors. It is said to enhance intuition and psychic abilities, supporting you to develop your spiritual gifts.

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Hematite has an earthy energy making it one of the premier grounding stones that allows one to harness the power of the element of Earth to lend strength and dispel negativity. It absorbs negative energy, transforming it into positive vibrations. Use Hematite during meditation when you feel the need to ground yourself in your body and the physical world. It’s significantly calming effects allow for astral travel and communication with the spirit world which are only possible once you have achieved a quiet and attuned mind. Hematite brings about self-control and balances the body, mind and spirit.

Hematite balances the auric field and aligns all of the chakras. It pulls any stray energies down through the meridian system of the root chakra transforming them into more positive vibrations. It clears and focuses the mind, enhancing memory and clarity of thought. Hematite is often used in conjunction with energy healing practices such as Reiki or acupuncture, as it is believed to help balance and harmonize the body’s energy systems.

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Chlorite crystals resonate with the heartbeat of the Earth providing deep grounding energies. It is highly attuned with the plant kingdom and can facilitate communication with devas, fairies, and nature spirits.

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