Oh, Libra – we didn’t forget about you during your season! Things have been – funnily enough – slightly off balance when it comes to where attentions have been pulled during the underlying chaos of the past month.

Chaos isn’t all bad, either, but there is no doubt that it can be hard to ride out, and it takes an extra layer of consciousness to bring you to the center of the spinning wheel.

To aid our Libras during any tumultuous tides, bringing balance back within you and your relationships, we have taken the guesswork out of the equation with the support of one stone: Amphibole Quartz.

Amphibole Quartz, also called Angel Phantom Quartz, is the “Stone of Equality,” bringing equilibrium to all energies, with the incredible ability to both open one up to higher vibrations, and to act as an immensely powerful ally in grounding & stabilizing. With these qualities it creates a sense of ease – especially when one may feel threatened or judged – while also opening the heart and mind to feelings of acceptance and fairness.

In the highly charged political climate of the moment, Amphibole Quartz helps us to see and approach others as equals, releasing any sense of “otherness.” On an individual level, it helps to remove any feelings of being “less than…” facilitating composure, contentedness, and acceptance of who you are.

Libras may find this stone aligns with those traits of fairness and justice so oft associated with their sign, sensing that Amphibole Quartz allows for the reception of higher wisdom, which can help in making decisions from a place of intuitive clarity and groundedness in the real world.

Libran Wisdom

One of the most powerful lessons that Libra has to teach us all,  is how to apply rationality in the navigation of our interpersonal relationships.  The one sign that is not characterized as a live entity, the symbolical representation of the Scales is emotionally removed and with that, encourages objectivity. In any given situation, Libra prefers those scales to be balanced, and so this energy often steps forward as the arbiter, or voice of reason.  If circumstances are discriminatory or unfair, Libra urges us to take a step back and weigh the facts in order to get matters back in line.  We can all apply this perspective, and in fact, it would probably be beneficial to keep the rational mind ‘up front’ as we approach what is guaranteed to be a contentious election season.  Remember that Libra is ruled by the planet Venus, and one of her key words is Grace – we can seldom have ‘too much’ Grace in our dealings with others.

5 Ways to Vibe High this Libra Season:

1.  Be considerate of others ~ show them that you care in ways that they can see and feel.

2.  Practice active listening ~ don’t listen to reply, listen to understand.

3.  Seek balance in relationships of all sorts, striving for equanimity.

4.  Be an advocate for justice ~ when something feels wrong or unfair, speak up.

5.  Remember that kindness is always in style ~ go out of your way to mind your manners and to be courteous…especially when it feels hard.

As we navigate these transitional times, ask yourself if it is more important to be right, or to find a solution.  If we persist in asking this question of ourselves, encouraging others to join us in the mindset, we can bypass polarizing situations and get the ideas and the progress flowing.  As Jose Gonzalez sings, “Don’t let the darkness eat you up.”   Set the bar high and rise to meet it.

Love & Blessings,

~ Dreaming Goddess