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Rediscover unique hometown shopping at the Dreaming Goddess.

Offering specialty gifts that have touched hearts and uplifted spirits since 1995. Known for outstanding customer service and delightfully peaceful surroundings, our unique gift shop is sure to enchant and charm you. Your thoughtful gift giving will be reflected with the merchandise you’ll find nestled within our beautiful walls. Discover how magical shopping can be.


We host regular readings and healings to enrich your life and support your spiritual and personal growth. We offer a safe haven for you to connect with a community of like-minded folk. Take a break from the outside world to explore, reconnect, remember, heal, and expand your inner landscape. We are honored to have these beautiful beings as part of the Dreaming Goddess Community. Offering readings throughout the month, please view the event schedule.

Rhianna Mirabello
Creatrix, Non-Denominational Minister
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Owner of the Dreaming Goddess, creatrix, healer, teacher, shamanic practitioner and non-denominational minister.  Read more.

Jessica d'Arcy
Tarot Reader
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Find wellness through wisdom. Glean all new insight from the Tarot with the aid of her intuition and extrasensory gifts.  Read More.

Shannon Brandt
Psychic Medium 
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She seeks to create a connection with her clients & their guides & angels as well as loved ones who have shifted out of their earthly form. Read more.

Risa Silvia-Koonin
Playing Card Reader
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Risa connects her Higher Source with yours to get direct messages about new directions, problem solving, and any challenges you may have. . Read more.



Explore our enchanted gifts by clicking on the image below and moving around. Float through the aisles by touching the arrows and see what treasures await you!