It’s that time of the year ~ Scorpio season! Anyone born between October 23rd and November 21st is a member of the Scorpio zodiac. Scorpio is a Water sign, making this sign intense, passionate and prone to deep-running emotions or opinions. In fact, this sign is known for their intensity, assertiveness, and that oh-so-endearing stubborn streak. The time of year in which Scorpios are born, often leads them toward shadowy or occult subjects, connecting with the themes of Autumn and the magic of the season. Deep, mysterious, and transcendent, Scorpios thrive in magical walks of life and are highly spiritual and intuitive, gravitating toward spiritualism, divination, and witchcraft. These traits combine beautifully to enhance the complexity and allure of the sign.

Scorpios are determined and direct. They are often artistic or creative and deeply committed to study and research – they like to dig down in the mud, literally and figuratively. Their attention to detail leads the Scorpio toward successful and prosperous careers or artistic pursuits. Scorpios are observant and notice all aspects of a situation – pros and cons, and they can become fixated or obsessive. With these traits, you can count on a Scorpion to see their commitments all the way through. Since they are passionate and laser-focused, Scorpios can have a temper, becoming agitated if their hard work is not appreciated or if they are interrupted. Their will is strong; they will not let anything stand in the way of their goals. Scorpios can use certain crystals this season to amplify their positive traits and help them soften those touted as negative. Citrine and Obsidian are excellent choices – Citrine attracts happiness, positivity, and vitality, while Obsidian offers protection and absorbs negativity. (Obsidian is also great for scrying which is right up Scorpio’s alley!)

Five Ways to Honor the Scorpio Spirit:

~ Hone Your Skills. What skills do you want to sharpen or learn? Take that first step toward learning something new! The cold months provide us with the perfect opportunity to learn and create, as we spend time inside.

~ Dive into the Mysterious. It’s the perfect time to find or tap into your inner Witch! Treat yourself to a divination reading or splurge on a new witchy tool or book. Mysticism and spirituality are calling to you.

~ Take Pride in Your Accomplishments. Take a moment to appreciate your accomplishments and hard work. This could be professionally, spiritually, or artistically. What have you achieved in the last month that makes you feel good?

~ Embrace the Darkness. As the nights grow longer so do our shadows. Dive into them and see what is calling to be examined or healed. The Scorpio is not only represented by the Scorpion, but the Eagle, and the Phoenix as well. Take what is no longer serving you and allow it to burn down to ash so that something new and vibrant can grow in its place.

~ Own Your Power. Scorpio energy is survivor energy. It is powerful, intense, transformative, and regenerative. Where does your own power lie? How are you using it – is it destructive or healing? Are you hiding it? If so, it is time to call it forth.

Every sign has its strengths – but with everything happening in our lives and our world in this very moment, it would be foolish to waste the powerful energies that are available to us this season. Scorpio shines a light on the darkest parts of ourselves and the world around us. It exposes lies and offers layers upon layers of meaning. Be willing to ask the hard questions and reap the rewards that come with doing your shadow work. From all of us at the DG – Happy Birthday Scorpios! May the coming year reveal the truths you most wish to see!

Love & Blessings,

~ Dreaming Goddess