What is Samhain?

There is a chill in the air and beautiful leaves on the ground ~ the Earth is settling into the quiet folds of Autumn. The veil is thinning and the darker part of the year is upon us. As we transition through the Autumn season and October, we quickly approach Samhain. Samhain has its roots in ancient Celtic culture. The Celtic people believed that the line between the natural and supernatural worlds blurred on this night, leaving ghosts and supernatural beings free to roam the earth. Celtic celebrations included large bonfires, sacrifices, carving turnips (the precursor of Jack-o’-lanterns) and wearing masks to scare away evil entities. Samhain is widely observed and revered in contemporary Pagan and Witchcraft cultures.

The dark and transitional energy of Autumn connects us to Samhain and the intrinsic ancient magic of the season. The darker half of the year is an opportune time to honor the dead and work with ancestral magic. Your ancestor altar can include photographs, cherished personal items, candles and crystals – including crystal skulls. Meditating in this space and leaving offerings will strengthen the connection to your family lineage ~ flowers, candles, or food/drink- such as cakes, fresh fruit, and cider or alcohol. Additionally, you can leave spiritual concoctions and potions, such as Florida Water or Moon Water. Paying respects to passed loved ones through your spiritual practice honors the close personal connection of what was, while moving forward on a path of healing. You will find that your intuitive abilities and senses are heightened during this time of the year, improving the accuracy and Divine energy flow during divination and scrying. Since the veil is at its thinnest, you will see signs from beyond our dimension, through ancestors or spirit guides.

Samhain revolves around themes of mortality and encourages us to pause and appreciate the cycle of death and rebirth, examining our roles in the universe. These very concepts serve as catalysts for introspective shadow work. This will deeply strengthen your spirituality during the dark months, as you turn inward and identify habits or patterns that can be cast aside, to make room for new goals and positive changes. When we acknowledge our flaws and strive to do better, we shift our energy and begin to heal and ascend. Meditating, journaling and fully feeling and releasing negative emotions without suppression will guide you on your journey.

Celebrating Samhain

~ Scry: Scrying helps us decipher messages through opening the Third Eye. Classic methods involve a dark bowl of water or crystals~ scrying with Obsidian is especially fitting, to keep you protected as you receive psychic messages. Dim the lights or light candles and relax, softening your gaze. Staring into the medium without concentrating too hard, wait for images to present themselves to you. After you decipher the images, write your results in your book of shadows or journal for tracking.

~ Moon Water: This year, October has two Full Moons, with the last one falling on Samhain! Creating moon water is a beautiful way to honor and connect to the energy of the moon and to harness the supercharged energy. To start, fill a glass or ceramic container with water and energetically pour your magic into it. Charge it with your specific intentions, Samhain incantations and crystals, then leave it out to absorb the Full Moon’s power and blessings. The next day, pour it into a container with a cap and use it to boost your workings for the next month.

~ Samhain Smoke Cleanse: Burning Sage and Samhain herbs banishes negative, stagnant energy from your home and life. Sage, Mugwort, Bay Leaf, and Lavender are all herbs that are intertwined in Samhain traditions, and will add an extra layer to any rituals or workings you do during Autumn and Samhain. Walk throughout your whole space, smoke cleansing every room, spiritually securing your home.

The DG wishes you a blessed Samhain, and warm wishes for the upcoming winter.

Love & Blessings,

~ Dreaming Goddess