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The following is a listing of stones, crystals, gems, shells, meteorites and fossils that we carry in jewelry, raw specimens and tumbled stones (which our selection now includes over 100 different species of minerals).

The descriptions here are taken from a variety of sources but mainly from our two favorite books, which of course are available at the shop:
~ Love is in the Earth, by Melody
~ The Book of Stones, by Robert Simmons

For some of our larger, one-of-a-kind stone pieces for purchase, including pyramids, spheres & skulls, please visit our Exquisite Stone Specimen page.

NOTE: We don’t recommend substituting stones for necessary medical care and/or therapies. Stones may be used to enhance and support the care you are receiving from your health provider and/or doctors. Be wise about your health and your well being. Consult your doctor or other health care practitioners regarding health issues. Stones can support us along life’s journey through their unique vibrations. We encourage you to discover for yourself how they speak to you, guide you and assistance you with your process.

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