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The Dreaming Goddess has ammonite jewelry, individual ammonites as well as ammonite pairs. Contact the shop about these beautiful specimens.

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A fossilized animal from eons gone by, it is similar in structure to the nautilus. Named for Ammon, the Egyptian god of Procreation & Life.

They have been collected and prized for their aesthetic and geometrical beauty for thousands of years, tapping into the naturally occurring magic of sacred numerology and the Fibonacci sequence.

A fossilized animal from eons gone by. It is similar in structure to the nautilus. It is a protective stone which gives stability and structure. It can eliminate caustic attributes and transform negativity into smooth, flowing energy.

Ammonites were cephalopods (predatory marine mollusks) similar to the modern Squid, Octopus and chambered Nautilus. The ammonites shell contained a spiraling progression of ever larger chambers divided by thin walls called septa. The animal only occupied the last and largest chamber. A thin living tube called a siphuncle passed through the septa, extending from the ammonites body into the empty shell chambers. The ammonite secreted gas into these shell chambers, enabling it to regulate the buoyancy of the shell. As the ammonite grew, it added newer and larger chambers toward the larger open end of the coil.

They died out along with the dinosaurs at the close of the Cretaceous period some 65 million years ago. Their existence on Earth lasted for 330 million years and their hard shells are found as fossils in most countries throughout the world. Noted by humankind since Biblical times, they were first called “Ammon’s Stones” due to their resemblance to the rams horns of Ammon, the ancient Egyptian God of life and procreation. They have been collected and prized for their aesthetic and geometrical beauty for thousands of years. It wasn’t until the late 1700’s that it was generally accepted that these “rocks” were the remains of once-living organisms.

The Dreaming Goddess has a wonderful selection of ammonite jewelry and specimens.

Transmutes negative energy into positive life force energies. Increases stamina & vitality. Continual change & evolution. Activates Kundalini energies. Supports change. Taps into magic of sacred numerology.

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