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Libra season is upon us! This Fall zodiac sign encompasses birthdates from September 23rd – October 22nd. Since this zodiac is an Air Sign, Libras tend to reflect intellectualism and fairness, and are highly communicative. Libras gravitate toward balance, harmony, justice, and creativity, often taking care to mediate within friendships or relationships, and to create harmony within their living spaces. The planet ruling this zodiac is Venus, which governs love, beauty, and money. These influences can be seen in the creative and charming nature of Libras, as well as their styles and attractions to quality craftsmanship, art, and the exquisite. Beauty and charm aside, Libras are most known for their passion for balance and justice ~ even the zodiac symbol is set of scales! Libras have the ability to listen to differing points of view, come up with fair solutions, and have a gentle way of giving feedback or tackling tough conversations.

While they are great at helping others solve issues, Libras can also be quite indecisive and can get hung up on the details in their own circumstances. This sign is often prone to anxiety and becomes distressed when confronted with unfairness, injustice, and unequal treatment. Grounding crystals are of great assistance to Libras, helping to combat indecision and negative emotions. Black Tourmaline is one excellent example of a grounding crystal that brings calmness and protection to Libras. It dissolves stress and anxiety, helping Libras to experience and project positivity in times of struggle. This Libra stone removes negative energy inside the body and mind, as well as from one’s surroundings. Drawing in grounding energy clears the mind, helping Libras to draw out decisive abilities that they so often help others to discover. Despite any internal hang-ups, Libras are very resilient and will be back to their creative and social selves in no time!

Five Ways To Embrace Your Inner Libra This Fall:

~ Be conscious of social justice issues.  Research, donate, and speak up! Now more than ever, the Libra spirit is calling us to pursue justice, equality, and truth.

~ Seek equilibrium. Strive for balance between work and play, and make sure you are setting aside plenty of time for self-care.

~ Practice empathy. Dedicate some time, and extend love and gratitude toward your loved ones.

~ Appreciate the beauty around you.  Spend time in nature during the crisp, beautiful fall season, or take the time to visit and really appreciate your favorite place.

~ Trick or Treat! Is there a new crystal you’ve been wanting to add to your collection or a new food you’ve been meaning to try? Give yourself a little treat!

Whether you are a born Libra, or  just tapping into the energy of the Season, we at the DG wish you balance, harmony, and blessings! If you happen to be a celebrating your annual solar return, then Happy Birthday!  May this year be a fresh beginning filled with beauty, balance, and equanimity within your being and in your external surroundings as well.

Love & Blessings,

~ Dreaming Goddess