Tooth Fairy Box Charm


Size: .50″ in diameter

Sold Individually.

SKU: CH-GA-ER16040


Tooth Fairy Box Charm

This Tooth Fairy Box charm is a whimsical creation that embodies the magical tale of childhood wonder and the timeless exchange between dreams and reality. This charming companion is not just a trinket but it is a keeper of precious memories.

The tooth fairy is a whimsical sprite of childhood enchantment, whom visits in the quiet hours of the night to collect lost baby teeth from beneath pillows before leaving a sprinkle of magic and a small token of appreciation behind. The tooth fairy is a gentle guide through the transition from babyhood to growing up, transforming a rite of passage into a cherished moment of wonder and delight for children.

This charm serves as a reminder to celebrate not only the tangible treasures but also the magic woven into the tapestry of growing up and is a perfect gift for your little one from the tooth fairy!

Each charm comes with a small poem card:

Tooth Fairy Box

Dear ____,

Wow! You’ve lost your tooth
and left it for me to find,
and because you’re so special,
I’ve left a gift behind.

Remember after every meal
to brush your teeth just right.
When you lose another tooth,
I’ll be back that very night!

The Tooth Fairy

Additional information

Weight 0.40 oz
Dimensions .50 × .50 × .50 in

Blue, Pink


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